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TV / RADIO / Recordings (selected) 

Slovenia, rtv4;  5.4.2019, Interview about the shortstory collection 'Everything':

Denmark, den2radio, 19.12.2018, Janne Teller in conversation w Jens Raahauge about her essay collection 'At gå nøgen':

United Kingdom, Institute of Art & Ideas, In the beginning was the word. JT in debate with eminent philosophers Hilary Lawson and Stephen Neale.

United Kingdom, Institute of Art & IdeasThe Known, The Strange and the New: Why does the world remain puzzling and strange? Eminent CERN physicist John Ellis joins Philosopher Robert Rowland-Smith and existential novelist Janne Teller to confront the strangeness of reality. Host is Rana Mitter.

United Kingdom, Institute of Art & Ideas, How do you overthrow capitalism?

Denmark, Danmarks Radio, Kulturen på P1, portræt, 27.11.2018:!00:15:45

Portugal, Publico video 18.6.2018, video-interview about 'Guerra- e se fosse aqui?': 

Colombia, TV-Interview, Canal Claro, Palabras Mas by Alvaro Garcias, Sept 2016:

Germany, Interview about 'Heimat', Deutschlandfunk, 3 September 2016

Denmark: Danish TV, Deadline-news/ EU referendum UK, June: 2016,

Hungary, April 2016, ekultura tv - interview: 

Mexico, April 2016, about 'Nada' & 'Todo': 

Germany, 14. Oct 2015, Deutschlandradio, Gespräch - profile interview:

United Kingdom, 12.2.2015, BBC Radio 4:

SKY TV - Frankfurt Book Fair, Oct 2014:

US/DK, Sep 2014, New York - Danish TV (Janne Teller in New York):

United Kingdom, May 2014: HowTheLightGetsIn festival: debate - Out of Sight, Out of Mind:

United Kingdom, May 2014: HowTheLightGetsIn festival: debate - The End of Aid:

Denmark, CPH, Nov 2013: from a reading of Danish & Palestinian writers in Copenhagen; (Janne Teller reads at 20.50 min)

Mexico; LasPalabrasDeFa, video interview, 28.10-2013:

Spain, 2012: Kosmopolis festival, Barcelona;

Germany, 12.7-2012: Interview about 'Komm', Bayreisches Fernsehen

Germany, Berlin, January 2012: Gespräch between Thomas Böhm and Janne Teller in the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies about 'Krieg- Stell dir vor, er wäre hier' 1-4:





Germany, Berlin 2011: Janne Teller reads from 'Krieg-stell dir vor, er wäre hier':

Virginia/Namur: Janne Teller's acceptance speech when receiving the Prix Libbylit for best novel in French 2008: