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Janne Teller (1964), Danish novelist of Austrian-German background. Her literature that also includes essays and short stories, has received numerous literary awards and grants, and is today translated into more than 25 languages. 

Always confronting the larger philosophical questions of life and modern civilization, her books often spark controversial debate, with the novel 'Nothing' even being banned for a number of years.

Janne Teller has ia, published the novel Odin's Island (1999), a modern Nordic saga and parable of political, historical and religious dispute, The Trampling Cat / Europa, All that you Lack (2004) about the significance of history in war and love, Comean existential novel about ethics in art and modern life, and most recently African Roads (2013). 
       She has also published the existential YA/crossover bestseller novel Nothing (2000) which has won numerous international prizes and by many critics is already deemed a modern classic; the passport book War, what if about life as a refugee; and the short story collection Everything (2013).      

Janne Teller has published a number of essays and short stories in Danish and International magazines, such as Lettre Internationale - and often participates internationally in the public debate.

Originally educated a macro economist (M.Sc.econ), Janne Teller has lived and worked with conflict resolution & humanitarian issues all over the world, in places as diverse as Tanzania, Mozambique and Bangladesh. In 1995, she left her professional career with the United Nations to concentrate fully on her literature. She has lived for years as an international nomade, in Paris, in Milan, in New York ... These days she splits her time between Elsinore and Berlin.

Drassow's Prize, Denmark 2014, 
literary works towards peace & human understanding
Peter Pan Prize, Silverstar, Sweden 2013
Teskedsordnen, Sweden 2012
(anti-fanaticism prize)
Michael L. Printz Honor
, USA 2011, for literary excellence
Mildred. L. Batchelder Honor Award, USA 2011
Die Zeit. Luchs Preis, Germany, August 2010 
Le Prix Libbylit 2008,
best children's novel of the year published in French, 'Rien'
Cultural Ministry's Prize, Denmark 2001, best children's book of the year, Intet.

................ INITIATIVES:

¤¤ Frankfurt Undercover, an initiative of author-only debates founded and hosted by Janne Teller and the Frankfurt Book Fair, running from 8-10 October 2014, at the Frankfurt Book Fair. http://www.themalaymailonline.com/read/article/frankfurt-book-fair-chance-for-top-authors-brainstorm-hot-issues

¤¤ Janne Teller is one of the initiators to a series of peace readings in the Katharinenkirche, Zwischen Zeilen, in Frankfurt, 7-12 October 2014:  http://www.friedenspreis-des-deutschen-buchhandels.de/817038/

¤¤ Janne Teller was one of the seven initiators of the Writers Against Mass Surveillance initiative: www.change.org/surveillance