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Janne Teller is a Danish novelist of Austrian-German background. Her literature, that also includes essays and short stories, has received numerous literary awards and grants, and is today translated into a total of 30 languages. 

Always confronting the larger philosophical questions of life and modern civilization, her books often spark controversial debate.

Janne Teller has published ia, the novels Odin's Island (1999), a modern Nordic saga and parable of political, historical and religious dispute, Europa, All that you Lack (2004) about the significance of history in war and love, Comean existential novel about ethics in art and modern life, and the novella African Roads (2013).
       Her existential YA/crossover novel Nothing (2000), after initially being banned, has become an international bestseller - sold in more than a million copies worldwide - winning numerous international prizes and is by many critics today considered a new classic. Her unique passport-shaped book War, what if it were here about life as a refugee, she transforms to each country in which it is published - by now 16, and still growing (something, we've been told, no other fiction author in the world has done before). 
       Other books include the shortstory collection Everything (2013), and most recently the essay collection Walking Naked (2018), focusing on the codes, inherent in art, to making a multicultural world function.    

Janne Teller has published a number of essays and short stories in Danish and International newspapers and magazines, such as Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungLettre Internationale, and PEN Atlas- and often participates in the international public debate. Together with six other authors, she instigated the 2013 worldwide campaign 'Writers Against Mass Surveillance'.

From 2014-19, she was a member of the Jury for the prestigious German Literature Peace Prize. In December 2016, Janne Teller was designated European Cultural Heritage Ambassador by Germany. She is one of the founders of the Frankfurt Zwischen Zeilen peace readings, and in June 2019, together with Jagoda Marinic, she initiated the highly succesful women writers' 'It's Time' campaign for gender balance in EU leadership positions. In 2021, she was awarded the Pakistani President's Civil Honor Award, Tamgha-I-Pakistan, for her work for human rights, especially re Jammu&Kashmir. And in spring 2021, Janne Teller's translation of the German poet Michael Krüger, was published in Denmark.

Originally educated a macro economist (M.Sc.econ), Janne Teller has lived and worked with conflict resolution & humanitarian issues all over the world, in places as diverse as Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. In 1995, she left her professional career with the United Nations to concentrate fully on her literature. She has lived for years as an international nomade between ia, Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, London and Elsinore.


Pakistani President's Civil Honor Award, Tamgha-I-Pakistan, for her work for human rights, especially re Jammu&Kashmir

Drassow's Peace Prize, Denmark 2014, literary works towards peace & human understanding
Peter Pan Prize, Silverstar, Sweden 2013 (for 'War, what if...)
Teskedsordnen, Sweden 2012 (anti-fanaticism prize for 'war, what if...')
Michael L. Printz Honor, USA 2011, for literary excellence
Mildred. L. Batchelder Honor Award, USA 2011
Die Zeit. Luchs Preis, Germany, August 2010 
Le Prix Libbylit 2008, best children's novel of the year published in French, 'Rien'
Cultural Ministry's Prize, Denmark 2001, best children's book of the year, Intet.


NB: Please note that for years, Janne Teller has been harrassed online (and to a lesser extent offline), her computer, email and phone hacked, false sites set up in her name, people sharing and/or interfering with her communications etc. It's a bit like the French LOL-FB group harassing select women journalist that was uncovered in 2019 - only this is apparently about setting up 'twin-copies' of anything that can be gleaned from Janne Teller, whether in her writing or life. Also for this reason, Janne has no active presence on social media whatsoever. The harrassment is evidently very disturbing and stressful - and destructive for new work - so please let us know, should you come across anything at all that could fall into this category? Some of it may even be put out there as something stemming from or being accepted by Janne, but we underline: it certainly does not and is not! In particular, we'll be grateful for any information concerning the points of coordination behind the harrassment - (probably a closed FB group or darknet website).



* 'COME' published in Italy Sep 2019 with the title 'E la mia storia' (Feltrinelli).

*New book, the essay-collection 'WALKING NAKED - Art, Estrangement and the Attempt at Being Human' published in Denmark, October 2018.

 ¤ The passportbook War, What If It Were Here was published in Portugal (June 2018). It's already published in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Italy, France, Catalonia, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Great Britain. A version also exists in Latin - and more are on their way.

¤ War What If It Were Here was published in Portugal in June 2018.

¤ Europe - All that You are Missing was published in Hungary, Nov. 2017.

 ¤¤  Janne Teller is Ambassador for Germany for European Cultural Heritage 2018.

¤¤  Janne Teller is a member of the Jury for the prestitious German Booktrade Peace Prize since 2014 (29.1.2014): http://www.boersenblatt.net/691601/?t=newsletter

¤¤¤ Janne Teller is one of the initiators to a series of peace readings in the Katharinenkirche, Zwischen Zeilen, in Frankfurt, 7-12 October 2014:  http://www.friedenspreis-des-deutschen-buchhandels.de/817038/

¤¤¤ Janne Teller was one of the seven initiators of the Writers Against Mass Surveillance initiative: www.change.org/surveillance