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*** Due to long-term effects of a concussion, presentations and public events are kept at a minimum level in 2018 ***


25-28 May, HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay-on-Wye, UK
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Sunday 27th May 
12:00 Truth and Lies  (Hall/Globe Site)
Debate with philosopher Christopher Hamilton, performance artist Emma Sulkowicz, and novelist Janne Teller. 

18:00: Solo Talk Janne Teller: The Real Deal  (Ring/Globe Site)

Monday 28th May
12:00: The Darkest Dictator - Orwell vs. Huxley  (Arena/Riverside)
Debate with Cultural Historian Robert Colls, novelist Warren Ellis, curator and professor Julian Stallabrass and novelist Janne Teller. 

14.30: Living Forever  (Hall/The Globe Site)
Debate with philosopher Patricia McCormack, futurist and author Anders Sandberg and novelist Janne Teller.